Calendar / Syllabus (post-hoc)

This is what we used our lectures for. Because the class was over-scheduled, we expect to have around 30 (out of the 45 possible) lectures.

  Monday Wednesday Friday
1/17   Welcome Rotations/Transformations
1/24 What is an Animation Paper Rotations More Rotation/Seminal Sys
1/31 Animation History snow day Human Motion/Projects
2/7 Motion Capture (pictures) Motion Signal Processing Motion Representation
2/14 Motion Editing Motion Graphs Motion Blending
2/21 Motion Synthesis Motion Synthesis no class
2/28 Hard Papers Hard Papers no class
3/7 no class no class no class project checkpoint
3/14 Spring Break    
3/21 Skinning Skinning project 1 reviews
3/28 Skinning & Deformations Project Discussion (Kalmann Filters) Project Ideas Discussion
4/4 Cages no class Producing Videos
4/11 How to give a talk Film Film
4/18 no class no class no class
4/25 Physics Basics Morphing (Perry Kivolowicz guest lecture) no class – project meetings
5/2 Simulation and Modeling (Eftychios Sifakis guest lecture) Everything Else  

Note: this was created at the end of the semester as a re-construction of what happened.