by Mike Gleicher on May 11, 2011

in News,Project 2

I think that each group has something worth showing to the world, so I am making the handin directory be web accessible. If you don’t want the world to see it, you can restrict access to the directory.

A handin directory has been created on afs at:


Each person in class should have write permission in this directory. You can see this directory on the web at:


For each group: please make a subdirectory in this directory, and put all your stuff in it. Please make sure there is a README file.

If there is a web document, please make it be the “index.htm” document, so that people visiting the directory via the web see it. Ideally, there will be an index page explaining to whoever visits what they can find.

If you don’t want people to see your work (other than me), you can add a “.htaccess” file that limits access to the directory:

AuthType CSLid
require valid-user

means only authenticated CS users can see stuff.

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