Project 2 Requirements

by Mike Gleicher on May 3, 2011

in News,Project 2

Before Friday 5/6 (that means on Thursday, or at least before I check my email Friday morning), each group must send me an email with a “status update.” You should describe what the current state of your project is, where you expect to get to by the final deadline (Weds 5/11), and what kinds of things you think you’ll want to “hand-in.”

On Friday 5/6, I will reply to each group with the hand-in requirements. Unlike the previous project (and most projects I’ve ever given), the requirements will vary from group to group, based on the project type, the number of people in the project, and the content.

You should expect that your handin will include: a document, some visual representation of the results (probably a video), a reading list, and whatever you built. Some groups I might ask for other documents. I will also ask for a self-evaluation (not as extensive as last time).

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