This is course web for 2011!

by Mike Gleicher on January 4, 2011

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You have found the course web for the 2011 edition of CS777 – Computer Animation. If you are looking for the 2013 version of the class, try

This is the News page – or a list of announcements that seem important. Please also check out the BasicInfo page for basic course information.


by Mike Gleicher on May 11, 2011

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I think that each group has something worth showing to the world, so I am making the handin directory be web accessible. If you don’t want the world to see it, you can restrict access to the directory.

A handin directory has been created on afs at:


Each person in class should have write permission in this directory. You can see this directory on the web at:

For each group: please make a subdirectory in this directory, and put all your stuff in it. Please make sure there is a README file.

If there is a web document, please make it be the “index.htm” document, so that people visiting the directory via the web see it. Ideally, there will be an index page explaining to whoever visits what they can find.

If you don’t want people to see your work (other than me), you can add a “.htaccess” file that limits access to the directory:

AuthType CSLid
require valid-user

means only authenticated CS users can see stuff.

Project 2 Self-Evaluations

by Mike Gleicher on May 6, 2011

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As always, I will want you to do a self-evaluation since I think this forced reflection really does help the lessons sink in. For all groups, this is do by noon on Friday, May 13th.  You can do it by sending me email.

Please comment on:

  1. Your overall assessment of your work. How did things turn out? Are you happy with it?
  2. Specific thoughts on what went right and wrong.
  3. Advice to others in the future who might want to do a project on a similar topic.
  4. What did you learn?
  5. If you worked as part of a team, say something about how that worked out, and what the roles of the team members were.
  6. Anything else you want to comment on.

Final Project Demos

by Mike Gleicher on May 6, 2011

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We will do final project demos/presentations from 9:45am – noon (ish – we might not really finish on time) on Wednesday, May 11th. We’ll be in room 4310 CS (one floor above 3310 where we normally meet).

We’ll start at 9:45. Each group will get 10 minutes to talk/show off stuff. 5 minutes for questions and group switching. If everything goes according to plan, its 2 hours – add in 15 minutes of break in the middle, and we’re done at noon. In practice, we might shorten the break, and go a little longer since people may not really finish in 10 minutes.

I will give specific details of other expectations to each group by email later today.

Project 2 Requirements

by Mike Gleicher May 3, 2011 News

Before Friday 5/6 (that means on Thursday, or at least before I check my email Friday morning), each group must send me an email with a “status update.” You should describe what the current state of your project is, where you expect to get to by the final deadline (Weds 5/11), and what kinds of […]

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by Mike Gleicher May 3, 2011 Basic Info

Fortunately, no one has asked. But I assume some of you are wondering about it. As you probably know, I hate having to assign grades. Or figure out how to evaluate/judge work like this. But I have to do it. Roughly, I plan to weight things: 1/3 Project 1 1/3 Project 2 1/3 Other stuff […]

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Project 2 Meetings Friday 4/28

by Mike Gleicher April 26, 2011 News

I would like to meet with each project group for about 15 minutes on Friday, 4/28. Rather than being haphazzard like last time, I would like to schedule times. Here is a proposed schedule, based on the assumption that you should be able to meet during class time. The first 5 meetings will be in […]

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The weeks in 777 (April 25-29, May 2-6)

by Mike Gleicher April 24, 2011 News

The last 2 weeks of class. And Friday (the 6th) isn’t even a class day. Monday 4/25 – We’ll do a little planning for projects, and talk about the intuitions of physical simulation. Wednesday 4/27 – We’ll have a guest lecture (from Perry Kivolowicz) about special effects. Friday 4/29 – We’ll have project checkpoint meetings. […]

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Project 1 Feedback

by Mike Gleicher April 23, 2011 News

I never gave out the project 1 feedback. I will do it soon. All of the videos exceeded expectations – but each group will get some commentary on the content. Everyone’s evaluations (self and peer/group) were at least at the level of expectations. Some gave lots of good and interesting points. Many were very candid […]

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Mike’s Self-Evaluation

by Mike Gleicher April 21, 2011 Project 1

Since everyone did their self (and team) evaluations, I figure its my job to do one as well. My self-eval is mixed: I think that this project was overall a good idea, but each decision also came with a down side. Its not clear what the right thing is. Overall: The outcomes were different than […]

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A posting on video production

by Mike Gleicher April 21, 2011 News

This has some good advice: Eight things we’ve learned about video if you need to make a video. And don’t forget the film assignment.

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