CS638 - Fall 1999

Computer Graphics

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Administrative Details:

Michael Gleicher (gleicher@cs.wisc.edu)
Office: 6385 Comp Sci and Stats
Office Hours: Tuesday, 2:00-3:00, Thursday 11-12, or by appointment
Teaching Assistant
Richard Gu (yugu@cs.wisc.edu)
Office: 1301 Comp Sci and Stats
Office Hours: Monday, 2:00-3:00, Wednesday 3:00-4:00, or by appointment
Course Meetings
9:30-10:45 Tuesday/Thursday
1221 Comp Sci & Stats (note: this is a big room for a small class, so sit in front!)
Course Web Page:
The required text is:
Hearn and Baker. Computer Graphics, 2nd Edition, C version.
There is a required reader
The strongly recommended text is:
Woo, Neider and Davis. OpenGL Programming Guide.
There are recommended companion texts, as well as other readings. Please see the readings page for details.
Course Mailing List:
An archive of the course mailing list is available.

Preliminary Course Announcement


Despite what the timetable says, this course is not by "consent of the instructor" if you meet the prerequisites, you can enroll. If you do not meet the prerequisites, you will probably have a difficult time in this class.

To take this you should have a knowledge of data structures (e.g. CS367 or equivalent) and linear algebra (Math 320 or 340 or equivalent). You should be capable of (and willing to) write and debug substantial programs.

The ability to program in C++ is strongly recommended. If you can program in C or Java, this may be acceptable. First consult the software page, and then contact the instructor.

Course Requirements and Grading

Your grade for this course will be based on 3 programming projects, some homework assignments (which may involve programming), in-class quizzes, and a final exam.

Each programming project and the final exam will be worth 20% of your grade. The remaining 20% will be written homework assignments and quizzes.

Please note: you cannot turn in any assignment until you have turned in an Academic Misconduct form!

Late Policy: we will not accept late work, except for the programming projects. Don't bother asking.


We will give short quizzes on Thursdays. The initial plan is to do this every week, but there might be weeks without a quiz. Quizzes may not be made up, so if you miss a quiz, or arrive to class late and cannot complete the quiz, you get a 0 for it. However, we will discard your 2 lowest quiz scores.


Written homework assignments will be given out periodically. They will be announced by email and will contain specific instructions on how they are to be turned in. Deadlines given in the homework assignments are firm. We will not accept late homework assignments. We will drop the lowest scored homework.

Final Exam:

The final exam is schedule for 10AM on Sunday, December 19th. Please check this with the registrar's timetable if you are concerned. We will not offer an alternate time to take the final.

Programming Projects:

There will be 3 programming projects, each worth 20% of your grade. (note: there may be homework assignments that involve programming). The exact method for handing-in a project will be described with the project.

Project Late Policy: project hand-ins will always be due on Tuesday, before the beginning of class. We will accept late projects until 5pm on the Friday of that week. You will be permitted to turn in one project late with no penalties. After you've used this, you will be assessed a 5% per day penalty on other projects.

Extra Credit and Bonus Parts

There will be no extra credit on any assignments. You cannot make up things once you have missed them.

Assignments and projects may have bonus parts to them. These are optional. They will not help you grade. They are provided to give you a way to gain more experience with the topics and ideas, and to show off how smart you are. Doing a bonus part does not take the place of doing the regular parts of an assignment.

Academic Conduct

Our goal is to encourage and facilitate your and other students learning during this class, and to reward students' hard work fairly. For this to happen, everyone must follow the rules of academic conduct.

A description of the course policies with respect to academic conduct is available on-line.

You are required to return a form acknowledging that you understand and agree to the rules of academic conduct for this class. You must return this form, signed, with your ID photocopied onto it with your first assignment. You will not recieve credit for any assignments or tests turned in until we have recieved your form.