This is a recreation of the (circa 2016/2017) VEP website. The server was no longer sustainable, so we tried to re-create it as a static site. Much of the content is OK, but the formatting has been pretty scrambled.

Visualizing English Print


Welcome to the Visualizing English Print (VEP) project. (We are a Mellon-funded, interdisciplinary project with members from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Strathclyde, and the Folger Shakespeare Library.) Our mission is to scale humanist scholarship to ‘big data’ by removing several barriers to statistically analyzing digital Early Modern English texts, like those released by the Text Creation Partnership. We offer plain text corpora of Early Modern English texts and visualization tools to explore them. We also provide the text processing pipeline used to curate our corpora. This website equips you with the necessary tools to make your own corpora, visually explore them, and download preliminary metadata.

To learn about our visualization tools, visit the “Tools” page. Our tools support visual exploration of topic models, analyze text according to genomic sequence alignment techniques, and tag plain text for rhetorical effects.

The “Corpora” drop-down menu catalogs the collections we have curated in collaboration with domain specialists in early modern drama and early modern scientific writing. On each collections page, you will find: corpus descriptions; links to download the corpus as plain text files; links to download metadata.

If you wish to reference this website, below is a suggested citation:

Visualizing English Print Project. Visualizing English Print: Textual Analysis of the Printed Record. Deidre Stuffer, webmaster. The Visualizing English Print Project, 2016. Retrieved from