More Feedback on DC1

by Mike Gleicher on November 14, 2019

First: initially, DC1 grades didn’t have the comments. I had to repost them. Hopefully, the comments help you understand your score. Remember, this score is only for the final handin part (see previous post). Your numeric score is the average of the scores the graders gave you. Not everyone was graded by 2 graders.

If you still have questions…

Please do not ask us in (before/after) class! We probably don’t remember your specific assignment.

If you want to come by office hours to discuss, please do. I won’t have office hours on 11/20. I will be leaving town pretty promptly after class. I will have office hours on 11/27 (before Thanksgiving). Aditya can also help you understand your grade (in fact, he might be a better resource).

It’s probably better to discuss things after the final DC1 grades (including peer review) are done.

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