DC2 Schedule (deadline extension)

by Mike Gleicher on October 31, 2019

Short version: The deadline for DC2 has been pushed back a week. It is now due on Wednesday, November 13th.

Longer version: we have been slow at providing people with feedback (both on DC1 as well as the DC2 initial parts). And, realistically, we won’t be able to start looking at the handed in assignments right away. The bigger issue is starting DC3, but for various reasons we will want to delay that as well.


  • The final handin for DC2 is now Wednesday, November 13th. We will be pretty firm with that deadline.
  • If you want feedback, please either come to the “consulting” session on Friday, Nov 1 (during the class period), my office hours on Wednesday the 6th, or office hours that Aditya will post next week)
  • We will not provide feedback on sketches or signs of life – however, we may post some guidelines for good assignments sometime next week.
  • Some people asked to see some examples of good assignments from prior years. I will show some in class on either Nov 4 or Nov 6. The assignments were different last year, but you’ll see how students put together nice implementation with thoughtful discussion and self-critique.

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