This will be the course web for the Fall 2022 offering of CS765, Data Visualization.

Until the semester starts, there might not be much here.

If you’re curious about the class, you can look at the 2021 Course Web Site - the getting started page has a good overview of the course (content, style, work, …).


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A few notes on enrollment… We have far more people interested in taking this class than we have seats in the room. We are trying to give those seats out in a fair and consistent manner. If you would like to enroll in the class, please put yourself on the waiting list. If you are not a CS student: we allow CS students to enroll first, so students from outside of CS are not allowed to enroll (or even put themselves on the waiting list) until the new, incoming CS students have the opportunity to enroll (this happens mid-July). Read more…

The Week in Vis: Week 00

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No, we really don’t start counting at 0, this is the week(s) before class.

Normally, there is a posting each week about what will happen in class during the week to help you get ready for it. This is a bit of a practice for that.

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