The Week in Vis: Week 15

We’ve made it to the last week!

If you haven’t done the DC2 Presentation Survey or the Official Course Evaluation, please do it ASAP!

Of course, the big thing is that Design Challenge 2: A Visualization Project (Hard Vis Problems) is due. The timing of the final handin is described at DC2 Final Dates and Presentations and the instructions on how to turn it in is at DC2 Final Handins.

On Monday, I will talk about presentations. It’s a bit meta - a talk about how to give a talk. It’s gotten positive feedback in the past, so I keep doing it. Usually, its a long rant. At one point (long ago), I wrote down the main thoughts. That’s part of the readings (Readings 15: Presentations). The other part of the “readings” is to watch a video of someone who is actually a good presenter.

On Wednesday, I’ll take some time to “wrap up” the class. We’ll also use the class time to allow volunteers to present their projects. If not enough people volunteer, we’ll do something else.

We’ll skip the last seek and find (since it’s after the end of class). We’ll also skip the end-of-week survey for the last week. There is an “online discussion” question - but its a simple question that I am curious to students' responses to.