The Week in Vis: Week 14

We’re getting close to the end. Hopefully, your project is coming along well. Expect all the details for the final expectations soon.

In terms of content… This week is scheduled for two/three very different topics: Scientific Visualization, 3D and Uncertainty Visualization. Scientific Visualization is a whole field unto itself - I can’t teach a Vis course without giving you at least a taste of what its about. 3D comes up a lot in SciVis (and elsewhere). And Uncertainty comes up pretty much everywhere when we work with data - whether we acknowledge it or not.

There is a chance that I will use Wednesday’s class to do a design exercise instead. If that happens, the uncertainty lecture will be the following week (so you should still do the readings).

For the project… DC2 Phase 4: CANCELLED Initial Results (Design Exercise 11)  (Canvas Fri, Dec 10) is just a survey so we can plan for grading. phase 4 is cancelled The final hand-in will be due the last day of class (with some possibility for late hand-ins - details to be provided later this week).