The Week in Vis: Week 13

Last week was an unusual week because it was Thanksgiving. This week is unnusual because we have leftovers from last week. The topic for discussion is Evaluation - how do we know that a visualization is good?

We’ll have a lecture about Evaluation on Monday - but its a hard topic to discuss in the abstract. For Wednesday’s class, we’ll use Design Challenge 2: A Visualization Project (Hard Vis Problems) as a way to think about evaluation. But mainly, we’ll use the class time for project discussion (some peer critique), and maybe a small design exercise.

This week, there is the extra Seek and Find 12 : Graphs (due Mon, Nov 29) since it wasn’t due on Friday. As far as the design challenge, DC2 Phase 3 (Canvas Fri, Dec 3) asks you to update your proposal - mainly so we can check that you are making progress - I’ll also ask you to explain how the feedback you’ve received has helped.

Note: I have pushed back the DC2 deadlines a bit. The Phase 3 deadline is pushed back so you have time to take any feedback you get on Wednesday into account. (OK, and it is the EuroVis deadline, so I am not going to look at them anyway). The Phase 4 deadline is pushed since back it will be more useful close to the final. The final deadline is likely to be a little later as well, but I have not fully figured that out.