The Week in Vis: Week 12

We’ve made it to Thanksgiving week - which always seems to mark something in the semester. This is a weird week - both because its the holiday (although, Wednesday is not a holiday, so there is class), and that we’re in the midst of Design Challenge 2: A Visualization Project (Hard Vis Problems).

The topic this week is graphs (as in the “networks” kind). It’s a big topic that we will just touch on. We’ll have a lecture on Monday, and an in-class exercise (with a lecture component) on Wednesday. There is the usual reading and discussion. We’ll allow Seek and Find 12 : Graphs (due Mon, Nov 29) to be after the holiday, and cancel the weekly survey (so there is nothing due on the holiday - you are welcome to do things before the holiday).

We have moved the DC2 deadlines to wednesdays: DC2 Phase 2: Proposal (Design Exercise 9)  (due Wed, Nov 24) and DC2 Phase 3: Formulation (Design Exercise 10).