The Week in Vis: Week 11

This week, two big things happen: we really dig in to Design Challenge 2: A Visualization Project (Hard Vis Problems), and we talk about one of my favorite topics, color.

On Monday, Design Challenge 2: A Visualization Project (Hard Vis Problems) (Phase 1) is due. The main piece is to pick which problem you are going to work on, but the description gives some details of what we expect.

Project proposals are due at the beginning of next week DC2 Phase 2: Proposal (Design Exercise 9)  (Canvas Wed, Nov 24). That’s a major milestone. Hopefully during the week, you’ll make use of all the resources we have (like online discussions and office hours) to come up with good ideas.

And don’t forget to contribute to the DC2 Readings and Brainstorming discussions.

With color, there are many things I’d like to talk about. But instead, we’ll just touch on a few basics. I might try to do a color exercise in class on Wednesday. Or we might try another experiment in group brainstorming for the project.