The Week in Vis: Week 10

This is an action packed week in Visualization… We will cover one of the biggest and most interesting topics: Perception. We are wrapping up past assignments with Design Exercise 7: Paris Apartments (Canvas Mon, Nov 8) and DC1 Redux (Canvas Tue, Nov 9). But we’ll also get started with Design Challenge 2: A Visualization Project (Hard Vis Problems) with the first phase due next week.

I am revealing “preliminary versions” of Design Challenge 2: A Visualization Project (Hard Vis Problems) (and pages for each of the problems you can choose from). I expect them to raise lots of questions - so ask (via Piazza, or in person). We will devote time in class on Wednesday to discussing them. It is probably a good idea to read the assignment before class on Wednesday.

With all of the project related reading and work, it might be easy to overlook that we have a big topic to discuss: perception. Hopefully, the background and motivation was made clear in the previous lecture. The “readings” will give you the opportunity to learn from an expert (the Steve Franconeri video). While the Readings 10: Perception list might look long, several of the things are quite skimmable: look at the pictures and get the main points.