The Week in Vis: Week 09

We’re back from VisWeek. I hope everyone enjoyed the conference! Despite the fact that I didn’t have to travel, I still feel that I have a good bit of catching up to do…

The topic for this week is interaction.

This week, we’ll return to our regular pattern, and use it to explore a key topic: Interaction. We’ll give some ways to think about it and look at some examples on Monday. But, interaction is one of those topics that is best experienced. So once we talk about it, try examples (which you will for the seek and find, if nothing else).

On Wednesday, we’ll take some time to look at more examples. However, we’ll also use it as a chance to discuss Design Challenge 2. It isn’t announced yet (working on it), but I want to describe the problems you will have to choose from.

Remember that your peer critiques for DC1 are due! DC1 Peer Critique: Design Exercise 6 (due Mon, Nov 1) - We need these so we can give the feedback to your classmates. We (the course staff) are admittedly little slow on giving “official” feedback - but more on that soon…

We will also have another “do some design at home” exercise - the second half of the The Paris Apartment Problem: A Design Exercise.