The Week in Vis: Week 07

This week, we’ll continue our discussion of scale by talking about a different kind of scale: having too many dimensions.

Design Challenge 1: One Dataset / Four Stories is due at the beginning of the week. We’ll take a pause from it, and come back to do peer reviews later. The other coming attraction is VisWeek. There still isn’t much information available, but you do need to register. Be sure to register and tell us that you’ve registered in the (this is an assignment on Canvas).

Content wise, this week we’ll look at a different kind of scaling issue: too many dimensions. The exact mix of lectures and design exercises is still to be determined.

You are probably aware that the design challenge is due Monday. We do need to get them - since we will use them for a peer review exercise (coming up). The peer review exercise will happen after next week.

For next week, we will have an “at home” design exercise: Design Exercise 5: ArrivalsĀ (due Mon, Oct 25), following through on the arrivals exercise we started in class.

And, the week of October 25-29 is VisWeek! Our work in class for the week will be to attend the conference! Some information is available at Attending Virtual VisWeek: Get Ready! (do not froget to register!). Unfortunately, they haven’t released too much information about how the even is going to be run yet. At some point, before the conference, I will make a posting explaining your requirements for class, and providing suggestions on how to attend. But, I can’t do this until they make more information available.