The Week in Vis: Week 05

This week we’ll talk about implementation… how do we make visualizations. In general, we won’t spend too much time on the topic, but I want everyone to see some of the basic strategies. The Readings 05: Implementation will tell you more about the plan (and give you “readings”).

Part of this week is a video - it doesn’t take the place of a lecture, but it serves in the place of a reading. For the design exercise, we’ll use it both as a way to think about Design Challenge 1: One Dataset / Four Stories, and also to motivate some of the problems we’ll discuss in the coming weeks.

For the lecture material and “in-class exercise” material, I am considering trying to split it up. Normnally, it would be one day of lecture, one day of exercise. Over the week, we’ll have “lecture” about implementation (which should compliment the video), some “critique practice” looking at some old DC1s, and a new design problem to motivate issues in scalability.

This week’s part of Design Challenge 1: One Dataset / Four Stories is a chance to try using visualization (or other things) to explore data. You have incentive: you need to find things in the data to show in the final phase of the design challenge!