DC2 Final Dates and Presentations

The final handin for Design Challenge 2 is due on Wednesday, December 15. An extension will be granted to teams that volunteer to present their work in class so they can incorporate feedback. Late assignments will be accepted until Sunday, 19th, but may be penalized.

Students must indicate their preference for giving a presentation in this Canvas survey on or before Sunday, December 12 (we will look at the list Monday morning).


Teams may volunteer to give a presentation in the last class period (Weds, Dec 15). The presentation is voluntary. It will not directly affect your grade. It may indirectly help your grade because (1) you may get helpful feedback and (2) it might help us understand what you’ve done so we will better appreciate it when we see it to grade it. It cannot hurt your grade: if something goes wrong during the presentation, we’ll forget it happened.

The main rewards for doing this are (1) you get practice at giving a presentation; (2) you get to show off the cool stuff you’ve done; and (3) you can get some feedback.

Because of #3, teams that present their work in class will be given a 2-day extension to the DC2-5 deadline. That is, if it is turned in on Friday, December 17th, it will be considered on time. (other deadlines are not extended).

Note: if we get more volunteers than we have time for demos, some teams may not get to present even if they volunteered. All teams that volunteer and are prepared to present will be given the extension - whether or not we get to them.

Presentation Details

Teams should plan for 4 minute presentations. At 4 minutes, a timer will go off. At 5 minutes we’ll cut you off.¬†You will get a minute or two to answer questions (some of which will be while the next group sets up).

You are encouraged to have a demo and/or slides to go with your presentation. If you want to use your own laptop, the classroom has an HDMI cable. If you simply have a PDF, you can use the professor’s laptop.

For teams, either one person can present, or the two people can present together.

We encourage students to provide feedback to other students. Directions will be given in class, but we ask that you send comments to the TA who will forward them anonymously to the presenters.

Late Assignments

If an assignment is turned in late (but before the late deadline), we will grade it. However, we will be less tolerant of problems (for example, an on time assignment might be given the opportunity to fix a problem, or answer a question). Also, we will be less likely to give the benefit of doubt in ambiguous cases, or grading edge cases.