DC1 Redux: A Chance to Redo part of Design Challenge 1

We will allow you to “do over” one of the designs you submitted for Design Challenge 1.

You may turn in one design as part of DC1 Redux: Do Over DC1 (due Tue, Nov 9) and we will use that to replace the corresponding design from your original submission. This is optional: you can skip this assignment, and we will grade what you turned in initially for DC1.

One problem with this class is that we ask you to do designs, and you don’t get to improve things after you’ve learned more or have gotten feedback. So, you turned in DC1. Since then you learned more in class, saw examples discussed in class, gotten some peer feedback, and maybe had more time to think about what you could have done, etc. So maybe you have an idea on how you could do better.

This is your chance! You can optional re-submit a “do over” for one of the designs you submitted. You can replace something you submitted with a new design (submit a pdf and rationale). We’ll grade that instead of the one being replaced. All the rules apply (one page PDF, must be from the same data set as the others, etc.). There is a form as a Canvas quiz at: DC1 Redux: Do Over DC1 (due Tue, Nov 9).

If you think you can improve one of your designs that you turned in as part of Design Challenge 1: One Dataset / Four Stories, we will give you the chance. You may replace one of the designs. Quite literally, you give us a new file (1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf or 4.pdf) and we will replace the old one.

The deadline is DC1 Redux (due Tue, Nov 9) and is a firm deadline: we need the new design before we can start grading.

This is optional. You do not have to do anything. If you do not turn something in, we will simply grade your DC1 that you turned in originally.

You haven’t gotten official (course staff) feedback or a grade. Ideally, we would allow for re-dos after you’ve gotten that feedback, but it is impractical given the timing of the class. (I will try to fix this in future years, but that won’t help you).

We did notice that there are plenty of disappointing designs. Things that use incorrect encodings. Things that aren’t multi-variate. Things that don’t really tell stories. We gave you a rubric of what we were looking for (see Design Challenge 1: One Dataset / Four Stories (criteria)), so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

You can see the peer feedback for your design (and the one design from each other student in class) at this link. If you want to see the corresponding designs, they are still in the Canvas folder here. As we mentioned, we are providing all of the critiques to the entire class. You can probably learn a lot by seeing what your classmates have said about different designs.