This class has a few requirements: while you do not need to buy books (we will provide all readings online). You do need to bring “art supplies” to class and have a way to “scan” drawings. And you need to come to class.

Art Supplies

In class (and outside of class) you will need to make designs by drawing.

For class, you need to bring “art supplies”: you need to have more than 4 colors of pens/pencils to draw with (4 colors is not enough). Personally, I like to have felt-tip markers, but other people prefer colored pencils.

You need to bring drawing supplies to class. Because of COVID, people might be less comfortable in sharing their supplies. And you will need to draw on paper (so you cannot just draw on your computer or iPad). We will not use them every day, but you may not know ahead of time when they will be needed. So bring them every day.

At home, you can draw “online” (e.g., using an iPad), although in some cases you may need to print things out to bring to class.


You will need to be able to make digital copies of things you do on paper, and to submit them electronically.

You will need to be able to do this from class. I don’t expect everyone to have a flatbed scanner handy. My recommendation is to use a cell phone camera (most phones have good enough cameras these days) and “scanner software.”

It is totally acceptable to use the camera in your cellphone (or tablet) as a scanner. I recommend getting special purpose scanning software that can automatically do color correction and image shape correction. I use CamScanner, which works on iOS and Android, and has gives academics free access to the “pro” features. However, there are zillions of similar apps. The built in camera app on your phone is OK, but it will be better to have a scanning app.

In class, you can ask someone else to upload things for you - but this can be a hassle.

Whatever you pick, make sure you are able to do it quickly. A common use case will be in class where we ask you to sketch something and upload it for others to see.

Books and Readings

All required readings will be provided online. You do not need to purchase any books. We will provide portions of the books that you need online under academic fair use and through the UW library. See the Books page for more details.

We do encourage your to support the authors of books that you like and feel that you will get value out of.