The Weekly Rhythm

There are lots of parts to class. Students are responsible for keeping track of all these pieces. We will try to keep the schedule regular so it is predictable.

See Parts of Class for more detail, but.. every week…

  • There will be a Week in Vis posting reminding you what will happen in class in the week ahead. (generally, this posting will be made on Friday of the week before).
  • There will be readings which may include videos to watch. The weeks readings will give you an idea of when you should read things. Some readings should be done before a lecture so you have the required background. Some readings are meant to follow a lecture (the lecture will provide an overview of the topic, and the readings provide detail).
  • There will be class meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays. Attendance is required.
  • There will be a required online discussion that requires you to make an initial posting on or before Wednesday. The discussions will remain open for one week after the deadline for continued conversation.
  • There will be a seek and find assignment that requires you to find a visualization and post it (to a discussion board). These are due on Fridays, and the discussions remain open for a week so you can discuss.
  • There will be an End of the Week Survey on Friday.

In most weeks…

  • There will be some other online handins. These may be parts of a larger project, smaller design exercises, surveys, etc. They will be ad hoc (the deadlines will vary), but they will always be announced the week before as part of the Week in Vis.