Overall Summary (see below for details)

  1. The class has a number of different parts, most happen on a regular schedule each week.

  2. Attendance is required. Notify the course staff if you will miss class. You are required to complete in class activities.

  3. The course will use this course web, Canvas, and Piazza. Students are responsible for the contents. Announcements will be made using Canvas.

  4. Deadlines are the day given (Madison time). Any time on that day. Deadlines may be flexible, but cutoffs are not. We let you drop low scores if you miss things.

  5. Bring art supplies to class.

  6. Readings (and other materials) are required.

  7. We measure participation by checking that students complete the various assignments and class activities. These include regular online activities (discussions, seek and finds, surveys) and less-regular design activities.

  8. We’ll give you a grade at the end based on your work.

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The Weekly Rhythm

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There are lots of parts to class. Students are responsible for keeping track of all these pieces. We will try to keep the schedule regular so it is predictable.

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  1. Class attendance is required.
  2. If you are going to miss class, let us know. Letting us know afterwards is better than nothing.
  3. If you do not intend to attend “nearly all” of the classes, please do not take this class.
  4. Be aware of the class schedule
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Communications Policy

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  • Announcements will be made via Canvas
  • Emergency announcements will be made via email, but we will try to keep this to a minimum.
  • Discussion Assignments (including assigned discussions) via Canvas Discussions
  • General (Open) Discussions via Piazza
  • Communication with Course Staff via Piazza, or email in an emergency
  • Broadcast information via the course web (announced on Canvas)
  • Course restricted information via Canvas pages and Files
  • Grading Feedback via Canvas
  • Class Design Activities using Google Suite and (possible other tools)
  • Please be respectful of others in online communications.
  • Meetings with staff via Zoom (or in person)
  • Class meetings in Wendt 312 (unless moved online)

See the Communications page for more information.

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Late Policy

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Each specific class activity has a specific late policy. See Parts of Class.

All due dates are for the date posted. If something is due on Monday, then any time Monday will be OK. 12:01am Tuesday is not Monday. All times are in Madison.

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Collaboration Policy and Academic Conduct

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In this class you are expected to uphold standards of professional conduct and academic integrity. The University policies on academic misconduct apply to this class.

Proper academic conduct means being honest about your work and being respectful in your communications with staff and other students.

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Your grade will depend on all aspects of class.

There are several pieces to grading: (1) Graded Assignments; (2) Ungraded Assignments; (3) Lecture Attendance; and (4) Discussion Participation. All will be combined in the end. Being a consistent contributor is at least as important as doing an exceptional project.

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