Class Meetings (Lectures)

I use the term “lecture” to refer to the regularly scheduled class meetings, even though they will not be entirely lectures.

  1. Attendance (in person) at the regularly scheduled class meetings is required.
  2. Please inform the course staff if you will miss class.
  3. If you are sick, or even potentially sick, it may be best if you do not come to class. Contact the instructor.
  4. Students are responsible for the material in the class meetings (lectures and other activities)
  5. If you miss a class, you miss the class - there may not be a way to make up the material.
  6. The slides are designed to be used as part of the lecture presentation - they may not make sense without watching the lecture. In particular, a lot of the slide content will be drawn during the lecture.

At present, we are planning to have 2 in-person class meetings per week. See the Attendance policy.