In-Class Exercises (ICEs)

What: interactive activities in class.
Why: to give a chance to try out the ideas, and make them more concrete.
When: during synchronous class periods
How: participate in class, and turn in what is asked for
Assessment: Using the GradingĀ (Ungraded Grading Scale). Generally, if you make a reasonable attempt you will get a full score. We may try to acknowledge exceptional work.
Late Policy: Missing an ICE is not doing it. We may give you the opportunity to try it yourself, but you won’t get the full experience.
Drop Policy: We will ignore the lowest two scores (so if you miss two or fewer, we will not notice).

Because of COVID, we may need to adapt how we do in-class exercises. We might not do as many in class.

We will often ask you to design things on paper (we’ll provide worksheets). We may ask you to scan your work (using your cell phone), or to turn it in at the end of class. See the Requirements for comments on drawing supplies and scanning.

Be sure to put your name on your paper so we know to mark it as completed!

In class activities may have “outside of class” portions - where we ask you to prepare designs before class or finish designs afterwards. These are separate pieces, and will probably count as Other Handins and Surveys