Graded Assignments (Design Challenges)

What: Mini-projects and other assignments, described on separate web pages
Why: To give students a chance to try out what they’ve learned, to internalize concepts by creating things, and to practice class skills
When: dates will be posted in advance
How: All handins will be done using Canvas.
Assessment: Each design challenge will be given a letter grade. The grade will mainly be based on the quality of the final product, but may also consider other parts.
Late Policy: Late assignments will be accepted until the time when we begin to grade or send assignments out for peer review. Late assignments may be penalized.
Drop policy: Students must complete all design challenges.

In the past, we structured the class around 2-3 “Design Challenges” (mini projects). And then we had other assignments mixed in.

This year, I am lumping them together into the category of “graded assignments.” We will have a series of smaller design exercises, and some larger multi-week assignments. Assignments will be weighted by their length - a three week project is work three times as much as a one week exercise. This will allow us to separate assignments into small “chunks” - for example, we might have a design challenge (where students must submit designs) as well as a critique exercise (where students must provide critiques of others).

Right now (August 2021), I am not sure of the exact number and structure. However, there will almost certainly be at least one multi-week project.