Readings 14: Uncertainty and Scientific Visualization

For uncertainty, I’m not sure what to give you, there are too many choices.

For scientific visualization, it is impossible for me to think of how to give you a brief summary of an entire field in a few readings or a lecture. So we won’t read much.

  1. Jessica Hullman How to get better at Embracing Unknowns, Scientific American, Volume 29, Special Issue. (pdf) (official paywalled).

    A nice brief survey.

    If you want more, you could watch this talk at OpenVis. Although, these slides would have been even better.

  2. Arrange Spatial Data (Chapter 8 from Munzner’s Visualization Analysis & Design) (Munzner-08-ArrangeSpatial.pdf 1.0mb)

    As close as we’ll get to reading about scientific visualization.

  3. Rules of Thumb (Chapter 6 from Munzner’s Visualization Analysis & Design) (Munzner-06-RulesOfThumb.pdf 0.5mb)

    We skipped this chapter, so I’ll add it as a reading for completeness.

I have plenty of “optional” readings… on uncertainty, on scientific visualization, on 3D, etc. If you want more things to read, let me know.