Readings 09: Interaction

Interaction is one of those things that is best experienced, rather than read about. The readings will give you a lot of examples, and help to give you a framework for organizing your thinking around interaction. The optional reading is a really useful way to think about the tradeoffs in using interaction.

The first reading is a survey paper that provides a good way to organize many of the interactions we see in visualization, and provides lots of good examples.

  1. (required) Interactive dynamics for visual analysis. Heer, J., & Shneiderman, B. (2012). Communications of the ACM, 55(4), 45. (pdf) (doi)

  2. (required) Maniplate View (Chapter 11 from Munzner’s Visualization Analysis & Design) (Munzner-11-ManipulateView.pdf 0.5mb)

  3. (required) Facet into Multiple Views (Chapter 12 from Munzner’s Visualization Analysis & Design) (Munzner-12-FacetMultipleViews.pdf 1.0mb)

    This isn’t specific to interaction, but it fits better here than anywhere else.

  • Lam, H. (2008). A Framework of Interaction Costs in Information Visualization. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 14(6), 1149–1156. (doi). (pdf link to Heidi’s page)

    I’ll use this paper to frame the discussion in class. It provides a good “why not add interaction” point of view.