This Week in Vis: Week 8 (March 9-13)

by Mike Gleicher on March 5, 2015

Writing things that way makes me realize that we’re more than halfway through the semester. Wow.

Last week, we hopefully tied together a lot of the pieces on encoding and layout. We also did some design practice, and an introduction to Tableau.

This week, we’ll consider a different kind of data: graphs. Not graphs as in a chart (line graph), but graphs as the mathematical abstraction (data about relationships). We’ll also have the first phase of our first data exercise.

  • For Monday (before Tuesday’s class), you need to do Reading 14 and make an initial posting.
  • In Tuesday’s lecture, we’ll talk about graph visualization and layout.
  • For Wednesday(before Thursday’s class), you need to read some other things (there’s a choice) and say more in the discussions.
  • For Wednesday, there is also a Seek and Find about Graphs.
  • For Wednesday, the 838-Only assignment on graphical perception is due (this is the extended deadline).
  • In Thursday’s class, you need to bring your rough drafts for the Data Exercise. We’ll do a little peer critique to help you improve them, and talk more about graph visualizations and critiques.

There will also be another class survey coming up as well – this time to get a sense of how we might improve the class, and which activities seem to be working for different people.

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