Seek and Find 8: Graphs

by Mike Gleicher on March 3, 2015

Due Date: Due Wednesday, March 11, 11:59pm

Turn-in Link: Seek and Find 8 on Canvas

For this seek and find you need to find something that is graph data (in the CS sense of graph – connectivity or similarity information, not “graph” as in “line graph”).

This assignment might make more sense after you’ve done Reading 14.

If you can find something that is not a node-link diagram, that’s a good thing. If you do pick a node-link diagram, try to pick one that is interesting in some way.

Describe what the “graph data” is. If it’s not a node-link diagram, describe how connection is encoded. Explain what other information is encoded (for example, if it is a node-link diagram, what does position represent?)

Airline route maps would be one good example – but don’t pick those. We’ve seen enough of them.

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