Keeping track of what’s going on…

by Mike Gleicher on March 3, 2015

I realize that there is a lot to keep track of with this class. There are assignments, discussions, and other things happening all the time.

And, to make matters worse, we have two web systems: Canvas and the course Web. (and there’s a google calendar as well). None of these are very well organized. We’re working on improving it, but, until then…

  • The web page is the best place for announcements. We haven’t fully figured out how to use Canvas for everything.
  • Information on the web page is the primary place. Sometimes, wrong dates get put into Canvas, or the “due date” will be set differently than the real due date (to allow for late assignments).
  • The Canvas calendar might not have the right dates for things.
  • The Course Schedule is probably the best resource for knowing what’s coming up. There’s a tab at the top of the web page.
  • For short term, “This week in Vis” – both the weekly postings, and the summary box in the upper right of the web page, is the best way to keep track.

We’re also trying to simplify class organization. One discussion per week (tied to reading). One other activity (which may involve discussion), One seek and find. Maybe an 838 only assignment.

Hopefully, that will help things run more smoothly.

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