The week in 838 (Feb 15-19)

February 12, 2010

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This week, we’ll continue to think about how to use visual encodings and start our first Design Challenge.

  • On Tuesday (Feb 16), we’ll look at the encoding redesign/analysis assignments that people did as a way to think through these issues of encoding (primarily, but abstraction and problem selection as well). I’ll also give out some preview of the design challenge.
  • On Thursday (Feb 18), we’ll begin the design challenge. Our domain experts will be visiting the class to introduce the “domain science” and I’ll show off some initial experiments. (often, the search for a good design requires going through a bunch of bad ones). We’ll also assign the teams for the challenge on this day.

Note: I am intentionally not giving you any details about the design challenge until it begins. Except that you will work in assigned teams of 2-3 and you will have 2 weeks.

Also, there will be no readings due this week. I’ll announce the readings for the following week soon (so you can get a head start).

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