Week 9 (3/28-4/1): Asynchronous Lectures on Texture

For the last week of March (first week of April), our lectures will be asynchronous: we will provide pre-recorded videos on Kaltura. Here is an index and explanation.

For this week, our lectures will be asynchronous. They are pre-recorded. You can watch them any time. Lecture 17 will be very useful for Workbook 8. Lecture 18 will be very useful for Workbook 9. They will both be very useful for the exams (and your general graphics knowledge!). All 8 videos are required lecture material.

The lectures are a two lecture sequence on Texture Mapping. There are two lectures (Lecture 17 is basic texture mapping, and Lecture 18 is more advanced texture mapping). The lectures are broken into four videos each.

Yes, 7 out of 8 of these were recorded in 2020. That year, we went in a different order, so they were lecture 18 and 19. I was going to re-record the lectures, but I realized that the originals are pretty good (and prior students liked them) - so I will just re-use them. The exception is that I had to re-make one part, because it is about some details of THREE that changed.

The links are to the “post” (drawn on) slides - you can get the “before” slides here.

  • Lecture 17A - Overview (Review) (video) (slides) - Note: this video was originally meant as part 1 of the second lecture, so it describes itself as a “review.” However, I (and students) realized that it is a great summary and motivation for the three parts that follow. So, I recommend that you watch it first.

  • Lecture 17B - Texture Mapping Basics and Concepts (video) (slides)

  • Lecture 17C - Texture Mapping in THREE (video) (slides)

  • Lecture 17D - How Texture Mapping Works (video) (slides)

  • Lecture 18A - this was used as Lecture 17A - you can re-watch it if you like now that it really is a review. (video) (slides)

  • Lecture 18B - Normals and Bump Mapping (video) (slides)

  • Lecture 18C - Other Texturing Tricks (video) (slides)

  • Lecture 18D - Sky Boxes and Environment Maps (video) (slides)

  • Lecture 18E - Shadow Maps (video) (slides)

These will also be available in the Lecture Materials: Videos and Slides outline and in the Canvas Kaltura Gallery.

If you want a different version of the Advanced Texture Lecture, you can see Lecture 24 of 2021.