Regrade Policy

  1. All regrade requests must be made via the web form.
  2. Regrade requests must be made with one week of the grade being posted.
  3. Regrading will consider the entire assignment.

Please request a regrade using the regrade web form. This will allow us to keep track of requests and process them in order. Regrade requests via Piazza or email will not be accepted (see Communications). A course staff member (usually a TA) will respond to your request by email or Piazza.

You must request a regrade within 1 week of a grade being posted, and before the final exam (for grades released the last week of class).

Do not try to make a regrade request by Piazza, or by email, or by coming to office/consulting hours, or by scheduling an appointment for a 1-on-1 call. Please your request by the form. If we need more information, we will contact you.

There undoubtedly errors in grading, and students only point out the ones likely to be in their favor. Statistically, it is implausible that all of the grading errors are against the students. It is unlikely that we made exactly one error. Therefore, if you point out a grading error, we may look at the entire assignment to make sure there aren’t other grading errors, in fact we might need to look at other assignments to check for errors as well.

Regrading might cause us to perform more careful examination of your assignment than the original grading. For example, if we used “stochastic grading” and gave you the benefit of doubt during the first grading, we might be more careful in the regrading.