Policies Overview

More details on each of these below (links forward down the page):

  1. Remote Format: Synchronous Mode of Instruction: This class is taught in a synchronous, remote format. All instruction and communication will be online, however, some class activities must take place within the scheduled class periods.
  2. Communications: The Course will use the Course Web, Canvas, GitHub and Piazza.
  3. Lectures: Lectures will be a mix of live (synchronous) presentations and pre-recorded videos.
  4. Grading: Grades will be based on workbooks (65%) and exams (35%), with small adjustments for other factors.
  5. Exams: There will be in-class exams and an exam during the final exam period.
  6. Surveys (Quizzes): There will be an in-class survey each week. We will keep track of whether you complete the surveys.
  7. Policy on Late Assignments: Workbooks may be turned in late, subject to conditions and penalties. Surveys may be completed until the cutoff time.
  8. Regrades: Submit re-grade requests via a web-form. Re-grading considers the whole assignment.
  9. Unexpected Occurances (Technical Failures, Medical Issues, …): If things go wrong, contact the course staff and we’ll address it.
  10. Collaboration and Academic Conduct: All work is to be done individually, although collaborative learning is encouraged. Students are expected to uphold standards of professional conduct and academic integrity. The University policies on academic misconduct apply to this class.
  11. Javascript Usage: You should use “plain Javascript” but you may use the modern features of the language supported by a current web browser.
  12. Using Code After Class: You may use your projects after class is over.