Policy on Late Assignments

  1. Exams must be taken during the exam window.
  2. Quizzes have a deadline, and a hard cutoff.
  3. Workbooks may be turned in late, but late workbooks cannot earn advanced points and lateness may be penalized.

Please turn things in on time. We have strict late policies in class because:

  1. we want you to keep up with the work (if you miss something, you need to move on to the next)
  2. we want to be able to give out answers and example solutions
  3. for surveys, we need the results to plan classes
  4. it is difficult to coordinate grading late assignments

All deadlines are for a specific day. If it’s 12:01am Tuesday, then it is not Monday.

Assignments, surveys and exams cannot be made up. If you miss it, you’ve missed it. If you have a medical or personal issue, we can make alternative arrangements.

Exams must be taken in the exam window.

Surveys are due on Fridays, however, you may turn them in “late” until the cutoff (Sunday). You will get full credit for turning in the quiz before the cutoff, however, we may consider timeliness as part of your participation score.

Policy on Late Workbooks

Regular workbooks are due on Monday, Madison time. If it is 12:01 Tuesday, then it’s not Monday. Remember, that you need to push your repository to GitHub for us to get it, and that the workbook survey must be completed to signal us that the workbook is ready for grading.

The final project workbook and the special “advanced only” workbook will have a different and specific late policy.

Workbooks will be collected from GitHub sometime after the Monday deadline. Probably early Tuesday morning. So be sure to turn things in on (or before) Monday in order to have them graded. Both the GitHub commit/push and the handin survey must be turned in on time.

You may turn in workbooks up to one week late - no questions asked. Late workbooks cannot earn advanced points. If you are late on one or two workbooks, there will be no penalty. If you are late on many workbooks, we may deduct a penalty from your overall workbook grade (the one computed by averaging).

Remember that filling out the Canvas quiz that for the Workbook is part of turning it in. We will only grade assignments for which the Canvas quiz has been completed.

If the quiz is completed before the deadline, we will assume that the assignment is complete before the deadline and will clone it at the deadline. There is no opportunity to change your mind and turn the assignment in late.

For late assignments, we will use the quiz as a signal that there is an assignment to grade. Submit the quiz after you have submitted the workbook (via pushing it to the repository).

If you submit the workbook on time (which includes the quiz), you can update it up until the deadline. However, you cannot update it after the deadline.

If you are submitting the workbook late, you must do the quiz after you have pushed your work. You cannot update it after you submit the quiz.

We discourage students turning in workbooks “very late” (more than 1 week after the deadline), but we will accept them in exceptional circumstances. Turn in a “very late” assignment by uploading it to GitHub, completing the handin survey, and completing the “very late” form where we will ask you why the assignment is very late. The penalty for a very late assignment is at the discretion of the course staff. It is important that the “very late” form is completed (so we know that we need to grade the assignment, and have information so we can decide on the penalty). Very late handins are not eligible for regrades or “do-overs”.

If you have a medical or personal issue, we can make alternative arrangements. Contact the professor (this is one situation where email is OK).

Note: no assignments may be turned in after the last day of class, except for the final project workbook.