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This page will be a directory of the Galleries for each workbooks - a place for us to showcase excellent assignments!

We will usually post a few cool assignments from class each week. Note: we cannot post all cool assignments! What we post is a random selection of good assignments - not necessarily the best. If your assignment doesn’t appear, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t cool (or even one of the coolest).

You can see the 2021 Workbook Galleries or the Gallery from 2020. The assignments are a bit different this year, and the UI for the Gallery is a little unnusual (you need to use the arrow keys and menus to find different demos).

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CS559-Three - a version of the THREE.js library for CS559 Workbooks This is the Spring22 version! These files are taken from the THREE distribution. They are the pieces that are required for the CS559 workbooks. This is the minimum. If you want other things (like the sources or the documentations or examples), download the entire three package. This archive was created by downloading three.js-master on January 14, 2022. It is THREE version 137. Read more…

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CS 559 Library for Workbooks This directory contains files used by CS559 workbooks. It is included in workbooks. Students should not edit the files in this directory or add to them without explicit instructions from the course staff. Students are welcome to read the code. They should not modify it (for class use). These files were written by Michael Gleicher for the class, with contributions from the course staff. Note: this is the 2022 version. Read more…