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Graphics Town

These are some of the really excellent assignments we saw. We have obscured the code so that you can try them out.

Xin CaiGrizzly HillsTry it yourself
Melissa SchmidtBaseball StadiumTry it yourself
Michelle TanMonkey Vacation ResortTry it yourself
Nolan WarkA Burning Barn Being Put Out By FirefightersTry it yourself
Xuran CaiThe Undersea TownTry it yourself
Timothy VoelkerInfinite LoopTry it yourself
Xianfu LuoSnow WorldTry it yourself
Mya SchmitzThe Solar SystemTry it yourself
Sean EricksonA Neighborhood Being ExpandedTry it yourself
Hongru ZhouAn Amusement Park Located Near the SeaTry it yourself
Miles GongJourney to the WestTry it yourself
  • Author: Xin Cai
  • Notes: My town’s theme is “Grizzly Hills”. Grizzly Hills is a peaceful place rich in natural resources (such as pines), and many grizzlies inhabit there. A small town is located near the valley. However, the Venture Co. Mine, a company of a bunch of goblins, comes here to plunder the natural resources — deforestation. Large timber machines and sawmills are destroying the pine forest, which decreases the living space of grizzlies. The sheriff of this town invites ‘you’ to help them get rid of these greedy goblins. Meanwhile, knowing that ‘you’ are a CS student, the Boss of the Venture Co. Mine also wants to hire you with a high salary. What should you do? Let’s take a look at the situation of Grizzly Hills.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Melissa Schmidt
  • Notes: My town’s theme is a baseball stadium, specifically American Family Field. Since I’m a Brewers fan and our ballpark is pretty cool, I wanted to go beyond just a basic ballpark and try to incorporate the roof opening and closing along with other fun movements of a baseball game.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Michelle Tan
  • Notes: My town’s theme is Monkey Vacation Resort. I am trying to create a resort where monkeys can enjoy exciting rides, play at the beach, and rest in luxurious houses. The resort also has shuttle/bus that stops at the rides and each house to allow for monkeys to get on and off without having to walk too much. To guarantee the safety of the resort, there is a patrolling helicopter that looks over the entire resort 24/7. Finally, the resort has beautiful environment with many greeneries and a lake, and for monkey who drove to the resort they can park their cars by their houses.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Nolan Wark
  • Notes: My town’s theme is A burning barn being put out by firefighters. To get things to have the right animation you may need to refresh the page.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Timothy Voelker
  • Notes: My town’s theme is a suburban neighborhood called Infinite Loop in which everything is, naturally, stuck in an infinite loop.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Xianfu Luo
  • Notes: My town’s theme is Snow World. It is a snow town where everything is magical. Snowbaby is so happy to be here that she rotates around her parents. So is MR.Penguin, he is quite enjoying the joy of sliding on the snow. And there is a carousel nearby. There is a competition in the snow mountain and two bobsleighs are trying to find who can run the fastest. While an aircraft is following them as the judge.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Mya Schmitz
  • Notes: My town’s theme is the solar system. It has the sun, moon, a lot of asteroids, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. It also has a space shuttle and a space station.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Sean Erickson
  • Notes: My town’s theme is a neighborhood being expanded, with new houses being built. There are new houses being added, with construction equipment around them working. The other half of the neighborhood was already there, and has houses, a park, and is close to downtown.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Hongru Zhou
  • Notes: My town’s theme is an amusement park located near the sea. As you can see, I have a skybox that depicts a location near sea. There are multiple entertainment facilities, 10 hotels on the left and right (I would say they are hotels as I have no time to make real hotels), and some transportation vehicles including one helicopter, one quadcopter, and a train system surrounding the park.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Miles Gong
  • Notes: My town’s theme is Journey to the West. The idea comes from the game Red Dead Redemption 2. I really like the Western culture represented in the game such as cowboys, riding a horse. So I wanna recreate the Western world by combining the elements of building types, farms, and people’s behaviors during that time.
  • Play around with it yourself