Workbook 03 Gallery

Here are a few cool examples from student assignments for Workbook 3.

Note: we cannot post all cool assignments! What we post is a random selection of good assignments - not necessarily the best.

Box 6-1

  • Author: Evelin YIN
  • Notes: Use WSAD keys to control the red copter; a human swaying hands can be rescued; rectangle path.
  • Notes: A trajectory where the quadcopters move in an infinity symbol; a quadcoptor that follows the mouse pointer and shoots color-changing bullets on mouse click; a point is randomly generated on the top half of the canvas, and a quadcopter on the bottom moves towards the point and shoots it.
  • Author: Leo Brunette
  • Notes: Quadcoptor can fly in a figure-eight; quadcopters have underglow that changes color after a set interval of time; user can control the quadcoptor to fly throuhg colored rings and the rings disappear.
  • Author: Michelle Tan
  • Notes: A quadcopter flies in a 4-pedal flower pattern; user can use WSAD keys to control the quadcopter at the lower left corner of the canvas: Each red box is a package you need to pick up, and you need to drop it off at the green box location to earn money! Press “enter” to reset the location.

Box 8-1

  • Author: Alex Grabowski
  • Author: KEVIN JOSEPH
  • Author: HAOMING MENG