Getting Started

Git Setup and SSH configuration

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In order to complete your assignments in CS559, you will need to install Git and configure it for SSH authentication with GitHub.

This page contains our “canonical” instructions for setting up Git with SSH. While experienced Git users are welcome to use it however they prefer, following these instructions will make it much easier for us to help you if something goes wrong.

See Git and GitHub in CS559 for more in-depth information on how to use Git and the role it plays in this class.

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Enrollment and the Waiting List

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The class is full. There are many people on the waiting list. You might be wondering what is going on…

update 12/30/21: There are still 100 people on the waiting list. Many have really good reasons why they need the class. CS Enrollment services ( is prioritizing who gets into the class. Please contact them if you feel you should be prioritized.

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