Getting Started


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It will be really worth your time to set you computer up for class. The tools you need are discussed at Tools for 559. Here are some steps that I used to set up a new Windows laptop for working on class projects. This can give you a sense of how to get the things on the Tools for 559 page setup on your machine. It will probably be different for you. Read more…

Course Pre-Requisites (should you be here?)

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Pre-Requisites: what you need to know before taking this class. Officially the prerequisites are: (MATH 222 or MATH 276) and (COMP SCI 367 or 400) or graduate/professional standing or declared in the Capstone Certificate in Computer Sciences for Professionals The Programming requirements We require CS400. Not necessarily because we want all the specific things they teach you in the class, but rather, we expect you to be a mature enough programmer that you can write non-trivial programs. Read more…