End Game

Here is the current plan for class…


  • Clarifications to the grading policy to make it easier to estimate grades.
  • WB11 is due Wednesday, April 14th
  • There is no workbook due the week of the 19th-23rd. Workbook 12 is a 2 week workbook (it counts double).
  • WB12 (Graphics Town) may not be available until Wednesday, April 14th. Either way, it will be due on Wednesday, April 28th. There will be a separate late policy, announced later.


  • Mini-Exam 3 is April 22. Details will be available later this week. It will include the material covered in class up to, and including Thursday April 15th, and will include workbook 11. The Tuesday, April 20th lecture may be helpful for the exam, but will not introduce new material for it (see below).
  • The Final Exam is Monday, May 3rd, in the official University scheduled time slot (presently 2:45pm). Details of the exam will be announced as soon as possible.


  • There was a survey for Week 11 Material. It will be available until April 14th.
  • There will be a survey for Week 12 Material. It will be available on Friday (as usual), and it will remain open through the exam. (so you can use it to practice).
  • Week 13 will be an anonymous survey to get your thoughts on how class worked (or didn’t). These are extremely helpful for me.
  • There will be no Week 14 survey

Lectures and Remaining Topics:

  • April 13 - More shader programming, to connect it to issues around how the hardware works. We’ll also use it as an opportunity to look at common idioms in how shaders are programmed.

  • April 15 - Advanced texturing. We’ll learn how we can get more effects (shadows, reflections, etc) and still use the graphics hardware. Note: because we skipped workbook 10, the lectures will be the main resource for this topic.

  • April 20 - Graphics Town Topics. We’ll talk about practical issues in using some of the techniques we discussed in class (so it will help as an exam review), as well as to help you think of ideas for Graphics Town.

  • April 22 - Mini-Exam 3

  • April 27 - Lecture on interactive graphics techniques. Some of this will be useful for Graphics Town. Because there is no workbook covering the topics, the lectures will be the main resource. The topics will be on the exam.

  • April 29 - Lecture on an advanced graphics topic. There are so many things we didn’t get to this semester. Because there is no workbook covering the topics, the lectures will be the main resource. The topics may be on the exam, especially because they are a good way to review some of the more fundamental things we covered .