Workbook 12 Gallery

Graphics Town

These a few of the really great assignments we saw. We have obscured the code so that you can try them out.

Name Theme
Jon Geniesse “Mad Monsters Mansion” Try it yourself
Luke Houge F1 Track Try it yourself
Guanzhou Hu Space-Era High-Tech Planet Try it yourself
Robert Lange Rural, Forest Town around a Lake Try it yourself
Jacqueline McNutt Middle Earth from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Try it yourself
Kassidy Mooren Carnival Try it yourself
Samuel Sternman Topical Stilt Market Try it yourself
Jack Strosahl Ski Mountain Try it yourself
Liza Szymborski Utopia Try it yourself
Karina Zhang Community Park in A Forest Try it yourself
  • Author: Luke Houge
  • Notes: My town’s theme is an F1 track. I recently got into F1 and watching the Netflix show so I figured I would make an F1 track. I made the F1 track itself the main focus of my town, but also added things in around it just for some background, and things going on around. The F1 track itself has two cars going around, and their speeds randomized so sometimes one will be faster, and sometimes the other. I did this so it would be more of a race, and not just two cars going around at same or different speeds. There is a big leader board / jumbotron to display the current leader, number of laps done by each car, and their fastest laps. I also added a drone to “film” them, some bleachers, and left in the example track as sort of a mini F1 track that might be around at an actual event. There is a big empty parking lot next to it that the track goes over which I placed my semi in from a previous workbook, that would be like the teams transport vehicles or something. There is also a neighborhood with some houses, sidewalks, trees, cars parked on the driveways, etc. and a park next to it as well as some construction going on around. I also added an environment map which I tried to pick out because it was big and empty and not much going on so that it sort of added a realistic background to make things more interesting and real looking.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Robert Lange
  • Notes: My town’s theme is a rural, forest town around a lake. It has a similar vibe to a camping grounds mixed with a park.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Kassidy Mooren
  • Notes: A carnival has come to town! Based off the summer picnics my home town always had, my scene displays the fun and happiness that comes from getting together with your community and having a great time. This carnival includes a circus tent for live perforances, a small roller coaster, the Scrambler, a ferris wheel, and a fun house! It also features a caracture artist, ice cream truck, and a firework show!
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Samuel Sternman
  • Notes: My town’s theme is: tropical stilt market. It is inspired by stilt fishing villages like the one in this image. I am trying to emulate the cartoony and geometric styles of Nintendo 64 era games.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Liza Szymborski
  • Notes: My town’s theme is utopia. This is the ideal world - with beautiful fish in the river, abundant nature, people swimming in the water, many houses and people, and a beautiful city sculpture. Advanced technology, with flying cars and boats.
  • Play around with it yourself
  • Author: Karina Zhang
  • Notes: My town’s theme is A Community Park in A Forest. It’s a small park of the community in the forest, with entertainment facilities, such as carousel, seesaw, and theater. It also has a huge angel statue. And there are also vehicles, such as train, cars, and helicopters. It’s a world in the sky.
  • Play around with it yourself