Workbook 11 Gallery

Box 9-3

  • Author: Yuren Sun
  • Notes: For the color, I made two lines (or curves) with sin and cos functions. I changed the geometry where the geometry is higher for position on the lines. I used a diffuse light to the front and a specular light rotation around. For animation, I let the sphere rotate with the speed uniform giving from the js file; let the pattern on the square move based on the speed uniform; let the specular light rotate around the square and sphere clockwisely. I added some sliders to control the colors and animation. Period control the number of period for the sin and cos curves. The larger the period, the denser the curves are. Pairs control the number of pairs of curves on the square or sphere. Height control how high the position will be from the original sphere if it is on the curve. Shine control the shininess of the specular light as the example in 11-04-03. Speed controls the rotation speed for the sphere or curve moving speed for the square. I also had a button to set the speed to zero (“Zero Speed”).
  • Author: Joshua Faessler
  • Notes: Creates a wavy displacement effect, and has a bit of translucency to look more like water. The waves and color use the same perlin noise calculation (but separately in their own vertex/fragment shaders) so that higher waves have whiter peaks. The uv map is used for the first two dimensions of the perlin noise, and time is the third. Because I needed 3d perlin noise to let time be a separate dimension (otherwise I would be moving the map which looked very fake), I needed a different perlin noise function: This one was from
  • Author: prefers name not to be displayed
  • Notes: My shader creates a flower and the sliders allow for the change of the rgb values, how many flowers are projected, how many petals per flower, and the size of each flower. It also comes with two buttons: an automatic button which automatically shifts the values in each slider, and a manual button which allows for the user to change each value themselves.