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This page will be a directory of the Galleries for each workbooks - a place for us to showcase excellent assignments!

We will usually post a few cool assignments from class each week. Note: we cannot post all cool assignments! What we post is a random selection of good assignments - not necessarily the best. If your assignment doesn’t appear, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t cool (or even one of the coolest).

You can see the Gallery from 2020. The assignments are a bit different this year, and the UI for the Gallery is a little unnusual (you need to use the arrow keys and menus to find different demos).

Workbook 12 Gallery

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Graphics Town These a few of the really great assignments we saw. We have obscured the code so that you can try them out. Name Theme Jon Geniesse “Mad Monsters Mansion” Try it yourself Luke Houge F1 Track Try it yourself Guanzhou Hu Space-Era High-Tech Planet Try it yourself Robert Lange Rural, Forest Town around a Lake Try it yourself Jacqueline McNutt Middle Earth from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Try it yourself Kassidy Mooren Carnival Try it yourself Samuel Sternman Topical Stilt Market Try it yourself Jack Strosahl Ski Mountain Try it yourself Liza Szymborski Utopia Try it yourself Karina Zhang Community Park in A Forest Try it yourself Box-12-grtown Author: Jon Geniesse Notes: My town’s theme is the level “Mad Monsters Mansion” from Banjo & Kazooie. Read more…

Workbook 11 Gallery

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Box 9-3 Box-11-09-03 Author: Yuren Sun Notes: For the color, I made two lines (or curves) with sin and cos functions. I changed the geometry where the geometry is higher for position on the lines. I used a diffuse light to the front and a specular light rotation around. For animation, I let the sphere rotate with the speed uniform giving from the js file; let the pattern on the square move based on the speed uniform; let the specular light rotate around the square and sphere clockwisely. Read more…

Workbook 09 Gallery

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Box 6-1 Box-09-06-01 Author: Anjali Gali Box-09-06-01 Author: Kassidy Mooren Notes: Both the brick house and the castle were made entirely out of custom geometries and the walls of the shed are too. The roof of the shed and the trees are all made up of THREE.js built-in shapes. However, I mapped a texture to everything to make it all look more realistic. Box-09-06-01 Author: Jianxiang Xi Box 7-1 Box-09-07-01 Author: Luke Houge Box-09-07-01 Author: Soyoon Lee Box-09-07-01 Author: Liza Szymborski Read formatted page...

Workbook 08 Gallery

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Box 6-1 Box-08-06-01 Author: Barnabas Adrian Box-08-06-01 Author: William Cong Box-08-06-01 Author: prefers name not to be displayed Box 8-1 Box-08-08-01 Author: Joseph Kajuch Box-08-08-01 Author: prefers name not to be displayed Box-08-08-01 Author: Karina Zhang Notes: A carousel with unicorns & roof decorations and a seesaw. Box 9-1 Box-08-09-01 Author: Sacha Jungerman Box-08-09-01 Author: Ryan Liang Box-08-09-01 Author: Samuel Sternman Read formatted page...

Workbook 07 Gallery

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Box 8-1 Box-07-08-01 Author: William Cong Box-07-08-01 Author: Luke Houge Box-07-08-01 Author: Mooren Kassidy Box 9-1 Box-07-09-01 Author: Robert Lange Box-07-09-01 Author: Yuren Sun Box-07-09-01 Author: prefers name not to be displayed Read formatted page...

Workbook 03 Gallery

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Box 6-1 Box-03-06-01 Author: Matthew Chiang Box-03-06-01 Author: William Cong Box-03-06-01 Author: Sacha Jungerman Box 8-1 Author: Chang Won Choi Notes: Juggler Pooh Author: prefers name not to be displayed Author: Jack Porter Notes: Ya like jazz? Read formatted page...

Workbook 02 Gallery

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Box 4-2 Author: prefers name not to be displayed Author: Chang Won Choi Notes: Prisoner Bucky Author: Joseph Kajuch Notes: Using an image of a pixel-art Spider-Man I created for a basic building-swinging game a few years ago, I made a 41x18 array to represent every pixel in the image, placing a number from 0-4 in each array index to indicate what color to draw the image’s corresponding pixel on the canvas. Read more…

Workbook 01 Gallery

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This would be a collection of cool examples from workbook 1. However, since workbook 1 is pretty boring, there is no need to have a Gallery. To be honest, I made this page as a test. Read formatted page...