Readings 18&19, Discussion 18: Interaction

by Mike Gleicher on March 8, 2015

Due Date: Initial Posting due Monday March 23, 11:59pm.

Turn-in Link: Reading 18 & 19 on Canvas

So far, we have focused on discussing static visualizations. Now, we’ll start to talk about interaction. But, in order to do so, we’ll need to get some vocabulary to describe the many different types of interactions that are useful in Vis.

Heer and Schneiderman (web version) give a nice start. The draft of Munzner’s book had a differently nice one, but it got re-organized and spread out in the final book (into Chapters 11-13). We’ll save Chapter 13 for later.

For this reading, read Heer and Schneiderman and Chapters 11 and 12 of Munzner.

For discussion, talk about the different ways you’ve seen for using interaction to address various challenges in creating effective visualizations.

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