Reading 11: Color 2

by Mike Gleicher on February 15, 2015

Reading (and initial posting) due: Wednesday, February 25, 11:59pm

Turn-in link: Continue the discussion from Reading 10 on Canvas

Last time, you hopefully got it that there’s a lot of technical stuff behind color. This time, we’ll look more at how designers can look at color. The required reading is the last two things from Reading 10:

  1. Color and Information – Chapter 5 of Envisioning Information by Tufte. (in protected reader: low res 4MB, hi-res 53M!)
  2. There was a 3 part web tutorial on color for web designers. I really like this since it gets at the artistic and aesthetic issues and how they communciate.
    (part 1 and 2 are required for 2/26, part 3 is strongly recommended)

The discussion (and class discussions) might also inspire you to read more of the recommended readings.

For the discussion, continue Discussion 10 (about color), but these new readings will hopefully shift it towards the design aspect. Make a posting with what additional stuff you’ve read – and also how the things you were discussing connect to the designer’s vocabulary and goals.

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